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Dawn Cutillo


BeBalanced was founded on a passion for women’s health, particularly those that are 35 and over. For years, Dawn Cutillo worked in the fitness industry, coaching clients on making proper food and exercise choices in an effort to lose weight. Week after week she would hear the frustration of the women who were dedicated to their diet and exercise plans but struggling to see the results of their sacrifices. Knowing there had to be more to the story, Dawn learned that key hormone imbalances contribute not only to a person’s inability to lose stubborn weight, but that the same imbalances affect energy levels and other female-related issues. In 2008, she took this understanding and opened her own business called The Rejuvenation Center in Lancaster, PA and helped thousands of women lose the pounds that had been plaguing them and shed their PMS and menopausal symptoms by balancing their hormones naturally.

History of BeBalanced

After successfully doing the program himself, an investor saw the potential to change lives at an even larger scale, and BeBalanced was born with the opening of the first franchised location in 2015.  Local business owners who shared the vision of empowering women in their communities joined forces in a mission to change the future of women’s wellness.  BeBalanced seeks to attack the root cause of hormone-related symptoms including weight gain, which can often result in chronic health conditions that leave women encumbered by medications and ultimately threaten their quality of life. 

This business was born out of a need to fill the gap between the weight loss industry, the hormone replacement industry, and the medical community.  Today, there are 25 locations run by local teams of like-minded individuals who believe that women have the power to reject the symptoms commonly associated with aging as their reality.  BeBalanced owners have made it their personal life’s work to equip women with the tools that enable them to live their best lives, regardless of age.    

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